The pay consultation for the 2022 offer of 3% (9% at the lowest grades) is still running, so if you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time.

The 3% pay offer is yet another insult to you and your colleagues: this won’t go anywhere near to off-setting inflation, meaning this is a pay cut.

The 9% for the lower grades is not a generous offer from the employers: 6% of this is the uplift in the National Minimum Wagethey are legally obliged to do this, meaning the 3% pay offer covers all members, whatever grade they sit on.

Let us know what you think of this offer. You can vote via the email you should have received from UNISON or you can vote at the website HERE – you just need to complete a few details to vote.

Want to know how much you have lost over the last 13 years? You can check UNISON’s PAY CALCULATOR.

Let us know what you think: the outcome of this consultation will decide if we will move to ballot for strike action in the new academic year.

We urge you to vote to REJECT this pay offer – we all deserve more and we can get more by standing together to reject this offer.

The pay consultation ends on Friday, 27 May.

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