The ongoing UCU strike is primarily about the USS pension scheme but the results could impact future working conditions for all staff in Higher Education – it’s crucial to support the colleagues taking this stand. Wherever you work in the University, the following advice applies:

  • You DO NOT have to take on the work of any staff on strike, even if pressured. Continue to act within your role & duties.
  • You SHOULD NOT do duties which you are not trained to do, particularly if they have any health & safety implications
  • You can’t refuse to cross an official picket line unless you believe it puts you at risk of injury – refusing to cross could make you liable to disciplinary action, inc. deduction of salary.
  • You can support or visit the picket lines before work starts, or during your unpaid breaks
  • Look at joining a union if you are not already a member

You can download a poster with this advice on here, and we encourage staff to put this up across campus on UNISON boards

Info on the strike can be found at or to find out what the University of Leeds branch is doing, go to – you can also see there up to date activity on their twitter feed @LeedsUCU

Ways to support the strike:

  • Tell them on the picket lines you support them (or bring them hot drinks/food whilst they are outside)
  • Write to the VC to ask him to use his influence reopen negotiations
  • Write to your MP: ask them to support the strike
  • Post about it on social media – #strikeforuss

Speak to us or if you have questions