Here’s our weekly update.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at

  • Lockdown Update – The three campus trade unions are still in discussions with the University about which staff should be classed as essential and continue to work on campus.  So far, the University have told us they are working closely with areas and managers to compile a list of those deemed essential and will be looking to move staff back onto furlough where necessary.  If you are classed as vulnerable or live with someone who is classed as vulnerable and are still working on campus, we would urge you to speak to your manager and HR as a matter of urgency.  If you don’t believe you are an essential worker on campus, speak to your manager and HR and involve us as well.  We are frustrated that discussions around who should remain on campus are taking this long, but we are continuing to push for answers and action to ensure the safety of our members and all staff.  If you are currently caring for children who cannot attend school, you can request voluntary furlough, although the University is not obliged to give this to you.  However, any member of staff who is caring for children who cannot attend school should be speaking to their manager about prioritising work if they cannot work their usual hours and using carer’s leave where necessary.
  • Winter Fuel Grants – UNISON’s There For You charity will be opening up their Winter Fuel grant scheme on Monday 25 January.  We will send through further details when we have them or you can check the website here
  • Member Meeting Dates – A reminder that we have the following online member meetings next week:

Trinity members – Monday 18 January, 12:30-1:30pm on Collaborate Ultra.  You can find the link to the meeting here
All Members – Tuesday 19 January, 12:30-1:30pm on Collaborate Ultra.  You can find the link to the meeting here.
You can submit questions before the meeting at  We hope to see you there!

  • Ask for ANI –a new scheme has been launched to help support those suffering domestic abuse: Ask for ANI.  The scheme will run in conjunction with Boots pharmacy and independent pharmacies and allows for anyone to discreetly ask for support by asking for Ani.  The pharmacist will know to offer the person a safe, private space to chat to see if the police need to be called or if help to access domestic abuse charities is required.  You can find further details of the scheme here.