Here are our updates for this week:

  • Update your details – have you moved house recently?  Changed your email address or telephone number? Have you moved jobs within the University?  You can check all the details UNISON hold for you and update them at any time by registering or logging into My UNISON.  Updating your details will only take a few minutes and means you won’t miss any updates from your branch and you will receive ballot papers through the post.
  • Online Member Meeting Dates – Save the dates: here are our upcoming online member meeting dates.  The same meeting link can be used for all meetings:

Trinity Members  – Monday 11 October 12:30-1pm

                               Monday 8 November 12:30-1pm

                               Monday 6 December 12:30-1pm

                               Meeting Link for all dates

All Members – Tuesday 12 October 12:30-1:30pm

                        Tuesday 9 November 12:30-1:30pm

                        Tuesday 7 December 12:30-1:30pm

                        Meeting Link for all dates

We hope to see you at a meeting soon

  • Climate Crisis Stoppage – you may have seen the Internal Comms update from the University of Leeds, stating that they will be giving staff an hour off work next Friday, 24 September, 4-5pm, to join the Climate Crisis march in Leeds.  The University agreed to this 1-hour paid time off due to the three campus trade unions writing to the VC to request it – it would not have been given without us asking for it.  Please do take this hour to join the march in person or to sign up for one of the online events running that day.
  • UNISON Free Accidental Death Insurance worth £5000 – UNISON membership entitles you to FREE £5,000 of Accidental Death Cover. It is for UK residents aged 18-69, including family members. It lasts for one year and then you can renew it again for free. For full terms and conditions visit  It is quick and easy to apply. Whether you’re renewing your free cover or setting it up for the first time, click and register at

    Your membership services partner, UNISONProtect is arranging this cover. Following your registration, a UNISONProtect representative will telephone you to set up your free cover and explain the other benefits available.
  • Universal Credit Cut – next week sees the government cut the £20 uplift to Universal Credit (UC), an uplift many working families have been relying on over the past 18 months.  This will see millions plunging below the poverty line. This is on top of the government’s plan to increase National Insurance contributions from April 2022, forcing us all to pay for a financial crisis not of our making. If you are affected by the cut and want any support, please get in touch with us at or you can contact UNISON’s There For You charity for free advice and support.
  • Are you a term-time worker at UoL? – if you are currently a term-time worker, or have been over the last 5 years, you may be entitled to claim compensation for holiday pay, which may have been calculated incorrectly.  UNISON recently won a case where an employer had not correctly calculated holiday pay for term-time staff and the judge ruled that these staff were entitled to 5 years and 3 months’ of back holiday pay.  If you would like to be part of the claim, please email us at for a form.
  • On-campus event: Friday, 1 October, 12 – 2pm  – we’ll be holding an on-campus event on Friday, 1 October, 12 – 2pm, in the marquee outside the Students’ Union building.  Nibbles and chocolate treats will be available, so please do come along if you’re on campus!  We’ll have recruitment forms for anyone who is interested in joining, so feel free to bring colleagues with you as well.  We hope to see you there for a chat!
  • University of Leeds Pension+ – with the rise of NI contributions on the horizon, now is a good time to check if you are paying for your pension through Pension+, which means your pension contribution is calculated before National Insurance, which may save you a little bit of money.  You can find further details here .

As always, if you would like advice and support about a workplace issue, please contact us at or contact your local rep or Branch Officer.