Here are the latest branch updates which may be of interest:

  • Annual leave / Quarantine grievance – as mentioned last week, there will be a joint meeting between the University and the three campus unions and we will look at resolving the situation.
  • Parking charges will restart on campus as of 7/9, as described in the University’s ‘all staff’ email. We have had some questions raised by members over some details which we have taken back to the University.
  • Confirmation & Clearing was a more difficult exercise than usual this time around, for several reasons. Many of you who worked in that area over the last 4-6 weeks have fed back to us with your thoughts / experiences. We have collated this and put it to the management of the University. Included amongst our urgent questions were those around flexi-time, the situation with regards to annual leave and the measures put in place to look after the mental health of this group of staff, who have reported high stress levels.
  • Return to Campus – further to last week’s update, the University has circulated more details (email dated 26 August), which includes information on the three groups of staff (as defined by the University); on plans for the majority of staff (non-student facing) to continue to be working from home until at least the New Year. If the prospect of being off campus for that extended period is a cause of concern or anxiety for you, please consult your local HR / line manager as there should be a programme of planned spaces on campus set aside for teams to be able to use. Please be aware that this will more than likely NOT be your accustomed working space. One of the University’s priorities in this exercise is to maintain a manageable volume of staff / students on campus in the coming months.
  • Test, Track & Trace centre behind School of Law, the Griffin Centre – it is not a “university facility” as such, being primarily run by the NHS, but it is available to staff and students. You should book in advance.

As always, if you have an issue and would like some advice and support, please contact us at