Here are our latest updates:

  • 2020 Pay Ballot: You should already have begun to receive ballot papers through the post (UoL and LAU only) – this is a “postal only” ballot –  for strike action for 2020’s 0% pay “offer”. It is important that you vote in this ballot, not just for the outcome of this single issue, but to send a signal to our employers of our strength for any future negotiations. Once you have voted, let us know at and we will remove you from the lists for future communications on this matter, as much as we can (there are some already scheduled communications that we can’t prevent). Your postal vote will be sent out from Monday 28 June, there is still time to check/update your address at My UNISON. 

(Beneath the signature line of this post is some information that may help you to decide on whether you vote, and if so, how to vote. It is also important to remember that it is not just pay now that you lose out on when settlements are low, but also they diminish the amount that the employer will pay into your pension scheme, assuming you are in the scheme, so the effect is a life-long detriment)

  • UNISON’s school uniform grant: as in previous years, UNISON is offering help for members struggling with the costs of school uniforms. Further information and an application form can be found here: There For You Financial Assistance
  • Recruitment – (a reminder) – following on from the success of our May recruitment event, we have decided to extend the offer through June and July as well!  If you recruit a new member up to and including 31 July, 2021, you will receive £25 and the new member will get their first 3-months of subscriptions refunded.  You can recruit as many members as you like, just make sure to let us know who you’ve recruited by emailing and we’ll do the rest!  If you’ve recruited anyone since 1 June 2021, let us know!

As always, if you would like advice and support about a workplace issue, please contact us at or contact your local rep or Branch Officer.

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