Here’s the latest branch news:

Returning to campus – for those members not already on campus it should be a slow and steady return, with probably a greater push toward full occupancy in the New Year; not all buildings are available for use; the university is still operating on a “1m rule”, social distancing and / or looking at roughly 50% occupancy for roomsWhile the wearing of masks / face coverings is mainly advisory now, there are some areas on campus where it has been deemed as necessary following a risk assessment – there will be signage to indicate this.

If you have concerns about returning, you should still be able to have conversations with your manager / HR to address these, you should still be able to complete the ‘return to campus’ questionnaire (you will need to request this) which will facilitate the conversation with your manager / HR, and as ever you can come to UNISON for advice.

Future Ways of Working – The University tells us it is still looking at a plan for Future Ways of Working – which we expect to include things like the possibility of hybrid working, or increased flexibility of working – the University has not been involving trade unions in these conversations until quite late in the process.

Curriculum Redefined – You may have heard about something called “Curriculum Redefined” – a programme to look to plan the “next 10 years”. Our understanding is that it will be a huge project, encompassing all aspects of the academic provision at the University and that it could well result in an increase in the numbers of academic staff. All of which will have an impact on support staff, everywhere on campus. We have expressed concern that this is not the right time to undertake such a huge and time-consuming project – everyone is already at full-stretch and exhausted after the efforts of the last 18 months.

Finally, the branch hopes that you enjoy your bank holiday weekend – made possible by trade unions!

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