Here are the latest branch updates:

  • Strike Pay (UoL members only) we’re currently processing strike payments for any strike action taken on 24 and 25 March. If you have not yet applied, please submit April’s pay slip and another pay slip showing your usual salary (preferably without any overtime payments) along with the strike application form to or bring them along to the Branch Office (7.50 EC Stoner). We are working hard to process all the applications we receive and will process your payment as soon as we can.
  • History of Trade Unions Talk 24 May, 12.30-1.30pm we’re really excited to be hosting a talk about the history of Trade Unions! Here’s more detail about the talk: Britain was in many ways the birthplace of modern Trade Unionism with workers combinations going right the way back to the 1700s. We stand on the shoulder of giants that is on the shoulders of the ordinary men and women who fought tirelessly over the decades to win rights which many of us now take for granted. With economic crisis now reaching a fever pitch the bosses are again turning on us, the working class, to preserve their profits, pushing wages and conditions down like never before. In this context the aim of this talk/discussion will be to cover in brief the largely forgotten militant and even revolutionary history of the British working class drawing out key lessons for the struggles we face today. In particular the struggle of the Chartists, the new unionism movement of the 1890s and 1926 general strike are worth special focus.

We will send out a link to the event closer to the time.

  • Pay Offer 22/23 Update following the first JNCHES meeting, where the employer failed to come with an initial pay offer, days before the second meeting on Monday 25 April, the employer opened with an offer of 2.5%, with the lower grade points being offered 6% to ensure they keep in line with the National Minimum Wage. At this meeting on 25 April, the employer agreed to up their offer to 2.9%. There is a final JNCHES meeting on 5 May and we will be told of the final offer shortly afterwards. We will let you know the offer as soon as we have the details. This offer of 2.9% is a further insult as the country faces a nearly 8% increase in inflation and energy bills that are pushing people to breaking point. We would have expected better from the employer, but this paltry offer shows just how little they think of the hard work we all do day in, day out.

Once the final offer is available, we will be holding a consultative ballot of our membership, to gauge whether you wish to ballot for further strike action. We will send the details of the ballot as soon as we have them: it is likely to be an online ballot (click a link to vote) and will be held 11 – 27 May.

  • Durham Miners’ Gala Saturday, 9 July the Durham Miner’s Gala is back on this year and we are hoping to put on a coach to take members there and back. You can find out more information on the Gala here. It’s always a great day out and the coach travel will be free to members. If you are interested in attending, can you let us know by Wednesday, 11 May at 5pm by emailing so we know numbers for booking travel?

As always, if you would like to talk to us about any issues or would like advice and support, please contact us at

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