Yesterday’s announcement of an extra 1.25% on National Insurance, means that the proposed pay rise for this year (1.5%) is almost cancelled out before it is paid to us.

Never mind before we add in all those ‘costs of living’ that keep rising: gas, electricity, food, school uniforms, rent, petrol etc

So, financially we are being hit and made to fund the extra deficit run up over the period of the pandemic – in a way that the richest in our society are not – but also, we have all worked to keep the Good Ship GB afloat in the last 18 months, some at considerable risk to their health, and we are to be made to pay the cost of our own labour.   

You are being asked for the twelfth year to accept pay below inflation and for the second year to accept an “offer” that is essentially zero.

You should not consider yourselves “lucky to have a job”, you should consider that the employer is fortunate to have your skills, your dedication, and your experience at their disposal – but this has to be a fair exchange, and there is no fairness or equity in this.