Cost of Living Crisis

We know that our members are struggling financially and we will continue to fight for fair pay and conditions for you all. However we are also aware many of you have immediate needs and so below is some information on services that might be helpful for anyone struggling with the increased cost of living.

All staff deserve a fair pay rise which is why we are recommending members vote yes to strike action, we cannot afford less.

Please note information is accurate as of June 2022 and that as these are not services run by Unison we cannot guarantee what these services would be like.

Food Banks / Community Kitchens:

To find a local Trussell Trust foodbank you can use their website

In order to get help from a food bank you will need to be referred with a voucher, which can be issued by a number of local community organisations (for instance schools, GPs and advice agencies). Your local food bank can advise which agencies can help. You can also call Help through Hardship for free to talk confidentially to a trained Citizens Advice adviser on 0808 208 2138

You can find the opening times here

Gurdwaras have a langar which is a community kitchen that serves meals to people free of charge. The langar is run by volunteers and only serves vegetarian food to make it inclusive for people of all faiths or none. In Leeds, the community kitchen is open every day but runs at limited capacity, so people are encouraged to attend on the weekend when more volunteers are running the langar.

People of all faiths are welcome to eat at the langar as long as they are respectful. Anyone visiting the temple needs to cover their head as a mark of respect, take their shoes off before entering, and not be intoxicated or smoking.

Further information can be found in the following news article.

JKN Outreach Services in Bradford run a community kitchen every Sunday 3:00pm-4:30pm at 15-17 Spring Gardens. They aim to provide a warm meal and drink, clothing and toiletries essentials in a warm, safe and friendly environment to anyone who is need. They operate an open-door policy where no referrals are required. Further information can be found on their webpages.

Information about other Food Banks in the Leeds Area can be found on this webpage.

Details of other Community Kitchens in Leeds can be found on this webpage.

Pay-As-You-Feel / Reduced Cost Cafés and Shops:

Rainbow Junktion

Rainbow Junktion is a café based in All Hallows’ Church that intercepts food that would otherwise go to waste from supermarkets, restaurants and a number of other sources, and turns it into healthy, nutritious meals for anyone and everyone on a pay-as-you-feel donation basis.

They now also have a pay-as-you-feel shop.

More details and opening hours can be found on their webpage here

Too Good To Go (App)

This app lets people buy food at a reduced price that would have otherwise gone to waste from a variety of cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops etc. Unfortunately you do not know what exactly is in your order until you pick it up.

More information can be found on the Too Good To Go webpage.

Company Store

If you receive means-tested benefits you may be able to join the Company Store. Members can buy surplus products from well-known brands at reduced prices.

Currently Leeds does not have a store but Bradford does. You can find details on where to find the store here and eligibility criteria and how to sign up here.