We’d like to thank all of you who have already voted in the pay ballot. We’ve just received confirmation that we’re within touching distance, (i.e. less than 10 votes away) of the required 50% turnout!

If you haven’t yet voted, please consider doing so as soon as you can – you only have until the 25th October before the ballot closes, so please don’t delay. If you have colleagues in UNISON based elsewhere on campus, please talk to them and encourage them to vote. Let the University know that they still have to reckon with UNISON at Leeds, despite the hurdles put in our way by this government.

Members should also be aware that by not voting they are in effect voting “no”: it is the default position of how the system has been set up.

Why are UNISON reps chasing you to vote?

The (anti) Trade Union Bill stops a democratic decision being enacted unless there is a 50% turnout (whilst also requiring that voting is done on paper rather than electronically).  So we will be reminding everyone to vote to make sure we’re not prevented by a biased law from taking action if members want to.

Further information on the HE Pay Ballot can be found on the UNISON website.