You have until Friday 18 June (this week) to vote on the current pay offer made by the employers.

After you were “given” a 0% pay freeze last year, this year the employers have offered you and your colleagues a 1.5% pay increase (with up to 3.6% increase for those on the lowest grades).  1.5% will be under inflation again as the country starts to re-open.

This is the 11th year running that you have received a below-inflation pay rise: these pay rises don’t even cover the annual increase of bills such as rent, mortgages, utilities, broadband and food.

You and your colleagues have worked hard to keep your University open, to ensure that staff and students on campus are safe.  As repayment for many of you working on campus through a global pandemic, or working from home, often under difficult conditions, the employers have seen fit to offer a paltry 1.5% pay increase for the last 2 years.  This is despite student recruitment being much better than forecasted.

You have until Friday, 18 June to show what you think of this pay offer.  If you have not yet voted, you can do so online HERE.  You will be asked to accept or reject the pay offer – your branch committee and the HE Service Groups Executive are both in favour of rejecting this offer.  You deserve fair pay for the work you do.  Your colleagues deserve fair pay.  We all deserve a fair pay increase after the last 16 months.  Now is the time for you to tell the employer what you think of a 1.5% increase.

We’ve earned it.  We’re owed it.  Fair pay for HE.