Health & Safety

Please visit this page for all Health and Safety related matters. Below are some links to important and useful H&S guides:

Staff Mental Health Network – Poster for network4

Safety Reps @40 – Celebrating Making a Difference: SafetyReps@40_2017_A5_Leaflet_AW_Digital_0

H&S Inspection guide: Inspection Guide_June 2017

H&S Six-pack guide: H&S Six-Pack_June 2017

Stress at Work guide: Stress at Work_June 2017

Trans-equality policy statement: Trans-equality-policy-statement_Final

Gender in Occupational H&S: Gender 2017

Protecting H&S after Brexit: Protecting health and safety after Brexit pdf_0

Tackling Workplace Stress using HSE Stress Management Standards: tacking workplace stress without edits

Tackling Bullying at Work: Tackling Bullying at Work

Disability Guide: Disability2016 (Unison Guide)

Resilience and Wellbeing: hs-doc-1

Behavioural Safety: hs-doc-2

What Brexit Means for H&S: what-brexit-would-mean-for-health-and-safety

H&S Inspection Notices Information Sheet: UNISON Inspection Notices Health and Safety Information Sheet pd

Requirements for Contractors: Requirements for Contractors

Support Staff Procedure Agreement: Procedure_agreement_for_support_staff_Jul13

Paternity Partner Leave Policy: Paternity_partner_leave_policy_Mar15

Maternity Leave Policy: Maternity_leave_policy_Mar15

ACAS code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures: Acas-Code-of-Practice-1-on-disciplinary-and-grievance-procedures