Your Branch Reps and Officers

Your Branch Reps, Officers and Workplace Contacts for 2020 are:

Branch Committee

Branch Chair – Nick Allen, Programmes and Assessment (SES)

Deputy Branch Chair – Lee Bryan, Estates

Branch Secretary – Angela Blackburn

Deputy Branch Secretary – James Thompson, ESSL

Health & Safety Officer – Nick Creighton, Central Services

Education Co-ordinator – Vicky McEnroe, Residential Services

Equalities Officers – Ceilan Hunter-Green, Library, Lucinda Walker, Educational Engagement, and Daniel Rosenzweig, LLC

Branch Treasurer – Mark Adcock, Library Services

Branch Communications & Administration Officer – Dawn Amesbury

Women’s Officer – Katie Moore, Engineering

Branch Disability Officers – Max Blake, ITSS and Alice Lyford

Black Members’ Officers – Jenni Britten, FD and Naomi Blake, LUBS

Membership Secretary – Lisa Bowler, FD

Environmental Officer – Martin Pelan, POLIS

Welfare Officer – Chris Money, FD

LGBT+ SOG Organiser – Cassie Burn, IT

BAME SOG Organiser – Jenni Britten, FD and Naomi Blake, LUBS

Disabled SOG Organiser – VACANT

Retired Members’ Officer – VACANT

International Officer – VACANT

Young Members’ Officer – VACANT

Labour Link Officer – VACANT


Nick Allen, Programmes and Assessment (SES)

Chris Money, FD

Nick Creighton, Central Services

Kath Owen, LUU

Lee Bryan, Facilities Directorate

Cassie Burn, ITSS

Jenni Britten, FD

Daniel Rosenzweig, LLC

Colin Avison, LIME

Jenna Isherwood, Central SES

Caitlin Kelly, Central Services

Jennifer McHale, Central Admissions

Vicky McEnroe, Residential Services

Caroline Shingles, Careers Centre

Holly Schofield, LICTR

Mark Adcock, Library

Dave Haslam, Leeds Trinity University

Lucinda Walker, Educational Engagement

James Thompson, ESSL

Katie Moore, Student Lifecycle Project

Lisa Bowler, FD

Matt Barker, Security

Health & Safety Reps

Nick Creighton, Central Services

Meredith Gardner, Library

Lee Bryan, FD

Sarah L’Amie, FBS

Mark Scott, E&PS

Jenny Love, POLIS

Les Bowler, E&PS

Martin Pelan, ESSL

Steven Hicken, Campus Support

Jennifer McHale, Central Admissions

Zoe Read, R&CS

Rachel Winfield, LUU

Mark Adcock, Library

Lisa Bowler, Facilities Directorate

Other roles

Learner Rep (ULR) – Mark Adcock, Library

Green Rep – Remi Turner, Laidlaw Library

Workplace contacts – Laura Shand, School of History

Alix Brodie-Wray, School of Design