Dear Member,

We met with HR this morning and the following information was given to us. Please note, this information is only relevant if you are a University of Leeds employee. LUU have sent their own guidance and our Health & Safety Officer has been in touch with Leeds Trinity and Leeds Arts for assurances on their current policies relating to CV-19.

· If you have an underlying medical condition or live with anyone with an underlying medical condition, you can work from home now. If your manager is not letting you do so, please contact HR to let them know you will be working from home and the reasons for this

· By 6pm on Friday 20 March, the majority of staff will be working from home for the foreseeable future. All managers have been asked to discuss this with their staff before this time, as to what duties you may be asked to undertake whilst working from home

· If you are considered ‘essential’ for the continued running of the campus, you will be informed of this by your manager before the above deadline. You will have your duties outlined and what provisions will be in place to keep you as safe as possible. Consideration will be given to those who have pre-existing medical conditions or live with someone who does, staff will be spread out to maintain social distancing and many staff will come in on a rota basis rather than being in for their usual hours

· All staff will be paid as usual if they are working on campus, working from home or at home on special leave as they cannot carry out their usual duties at home. This applies to all types of contracts (full and part time, term time only and fixed term). Any work already committed to by staff, will be honoured and staff will be paid

· Anyone on a fixed term contract which is coming to an end in the next few weeks will be contacted directly by HR to discuss

· Car parking – for those who are required to attend work, they can log their car registration plate with HR to ensure they can park on campus to prevent the need to use public transport

· If schools do close, the current carer’s leave policy will be reviewed

· If, come pay day, you do not receive the pay you believe you are entitled to, HR will have a contact number for you to call them and they can arrange emergency BACS payments

· If during this period you ring in sick and you do not usually receive sick pay, these cases will be dealt with on an individual basis.

· Anyone due to leave the employ of the university or retire in the next few weeks, will be contacted directly by HR for support

· Any ongoing grievances/disciplinaries/absence reviews/capabilities etc will have a more relaxed time scale for completion. Any meetings which have been booked in for the next few weeks will be looked at next week and the individual contacted to re-arrange if necessary

· If you have booked leave in the next few weeks which you wish to change, you can do so as long as you are available to work from home or receive special leave. All staff will still be expected to use all their leave within the leave year as usual

· Staff counselling and Occ. Health can be contacted during this period

· Managers may well be in more regular contact with staff to mitigate any issues relating to social isolation

If any of the above is unclear, or if you find that you are having difficult conversations with managers and / or HR about these or other matters, please contact us.

UNISON UoL still has a number of questions we are awaiting answers for and once we have these, we will send out a further communication.

We hope you, your family and friends stay safe during this period. We are available by email for any help and support you may require, but as our reps will have varying levels of technology available to them at home or may be working as part of the ‘essential’ crew on campus, please be patient with us if you do contact us, we will reply as soon as we are able. Please remember to regularly review ‘all-staff’ updates via email or the University web pages.

In solidarity,

Branch Committee.