I’m taking strike action, do I need to tell the Branch? 


You can do this by either signing the strike book on the picket line (we’ll be in the gazebo next to the Parkinson Steps) or by sending us an email with the dates you are striking to unison@leeds.ac.uk. If you email, please let us know your grade and if you are full time or part time, so we can apply for the correct amount of National Strike Pay for you.

Deadline to let us know you took strike action is Friday, 1 July at 5pm. This will allow us the time to request the strike funds from National.

I’m a new member, am I entitled to strike pay?


If you have joined up to and including the first day of action, you are eligible for National Strike Pay, so remember to let us know you’ve been striking (see above).

Where and when are the picket lines?

We are taking striking action on:

Monday, 20 June through to Friday, 24 June (inclusive)

The picket lines will start at 7am, so come along whenever you can if you’d like to join us. Pickets usually wrap up around 12pm and you can stay for as long as you like. We’ll have a UNISON gazebo next to Parkinson steps. Once you arrive, let us know if you would prefer to picket at a certain place or attend a quiet picket and we can direct you – maps, including details of accessible toilets, will be available.

What do I need to bring to the picket line?

Make sure you check the weather forecast and dress appropriately.

We will have placards and whistles, but if you have your own instruments or drums, please do bring them along – we want to make a lot of noise! If you play an instrument, let us know and we can put you in touch with like-minded people.

You can pick up blank placards from the Branch office (7.50 EC Stoner) to take home and decorate or you can make your own at home and bring them along. Please remember to keep the signs free of personal attacks and swearing.

We also ask that you are polite on the picket lines: chat with people, let them know why we’re taking strike action but there should be no shouting of threats or slurs to anyone crossing the pickets, even if you believe they are a member.

Hot drink-making facilities will be available at the Emmanuel Centre from 8:30am each morning (the church opposite Parkinson), who have kindly agreed for us to use their facilities and we will be providing tea and coffee there. Please try and bring your own reusable cup, as we have a limited number of paper cups available.

Toilet facilities, including accessible toilets, are available at the Emmanuel Centre and at the Quaker House (opposite Engineering) and a number of the cafes opposite Parkinson also have toilets.

What if I can’t make the picket line?

Don’t worry, you can still take strike action!

Don’t log in or attend work for the strike days – you don’t need to let your manager know you won’t be in.

Share your pictures with us on our social media channels, showing your signs telling us why you’re taking strike action. Also keep an eye on our social media, as we’ll be sharing images and posts from the picket lines.

If I’m striking do I need to put this on my ‘out of office’?

You don’t have to, but we’d encourage all members to mention the strike action in their ‘out of office’. Below is a template you can use, but feel free to use your own text; just remember not to make personal remarks about anyone at the University:

Thank you for your email.

I am currently participating in UNISON’s Industrial Action in pursuance of fair pay for staff in Higher Education: in the last ten years our pay has fallen 20% against inflation.

Please visit https://www.leedsuni-unison.org.uk for more details

You are also free to use the following image of the strike leaflet we’ll be handing out on the picket line:

How do I apply for National Strike pay and/or the Branch Hardship Fund?

We’re pleased that our Hardship Fund motion has been voted through at the AGM and you can find the details on this website under ‘Your Branch’.

For National Strike Pay, please see the first section of this article: you need to let us know you’ve been striking for us to claim the money on your behalf.

We will be sending details of the Hardship Fund out to all relevant members in the 2 weeks after the strike dates: we will be asking for you to provide 2 pay slips: the first showing the strike deductions and the second showing your usual pay and you will need to provide us with your bank details so we can make a transfer of funds.

We will look to make one payment to each member, which includes both the National Strike Pay and the Hardship Fund payment (if applicable).

We will look to pay all strike pay applications as soon as possible after we receive them.

Full details of how to apply will be sent out to all members after the strike dates.

Please note, we cover all grades for strike and Hardship Fund payments, including any member who is G6 or above: please see our Hardship Motion Fund document from the AGM for details.

Remember, you do NOT need to let anyone at the University know you are taking strike action – not your manager, your colleagues, anyone. But you DO need to log your action on SAP after the strike.