Rep Nomination Form

Branch Officers 2019

Branch Officer Nomination Form

Dear Member,

The Branch would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held at 1pm on Tuesday, 25 February, 2020 (with lunch available from 12.15pm) in the Great Woodhouse Suite, University House.
If appropriate, please inform your manager at the earliest opportunity if you intend to come to the meeting. This will give them ample time in which to provide cover (if necessary). You are entitled to paid time off to attend this meeting and we have asked HR to confirm this with managers if queried. If you have any issues, please contact the Branch Office immediately at or on 0113 343 5900.
Above are links to two nomination forms, one for those who wish to apply for a Branch Representative position and one for those who wish to apply for a Branch Officer position. Also above is a link to a list of Branch Officer roles and the names of those who are currently in position. If you wish to be considered for an Officer role, please complete and return the relevant form – this includes current Officers’ seeking to continue in their role. In the event that more than one person applies for a Branch Officer role, an election between those people will take place before the AGM with the results announced at the meeting. The deadline for receipt of either nomination form is 5pm on Friday, 13 December, 2019. Please send all nomination forms to the Branch Office in person or via email. If you would like to discuss the representative or officer positions, please contact the Branch Office for information.
Further paperwork will be emailed out before the meeting and these documents will also be available as paper copies at the meeting. If you require the papers in a different format, please contact the Branch Office as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Angela Blackburn,
Branch Secretary.

UNISON Branch Office
Room 7.50
EC Stoner Building
University of Leeds
T: 0113 343 5900