Dear Member,

I don’t want to repeat the detail of the all staff email sent at 16.02 yesterday, because it does contain most of what you need to know. Read it carefully, between that and the dedicated Coronavirus webpage ( containing the FAQs you should find pretty much everything you might need in terms of information for the next few weeks.

But, for emphasis:
• As of 6pm today you should not be attempting to work on campus / come onto campus unless you have been specifically told by your line manager / head of service that you are required to do so. Most buildings will be locked.

• There may be developments in who is required to be on campus – for example if there’s a break-in or a fire other staff will be contacted by their line managers and requested to come in.

• Those staff deemed to make up the essential campus services (ie. those who have been asked to be in) will have free car parking on campus for the duration.

• Those of you whose managers tell you that you are required to be in, should still receive all the same exemptions for ill-health, self-isolation, concern about vulnerable family members etc – have the conversation with the manager and / or HR.

• The immediate time frame for people with children and / or caring responsibilities is now 10 days paid leave.

• Colleagues in Security – you will receive specific instructions/advice from managers.

• During this period, unless you have made other arrangements with your manager, you are deemed to be available to work from home in your usual working hours (if you fall ill, or need to isolate let HR or managers know). This work may not always be ‘your’ work, it may be something else that needs doing, that is of a commensurate grade and skill set – and if training is needed it will be provided. This may include meetings to be held virtually – you won’t be going on to campus for any of them

• The leave you have booked will be honoured – ie. you won’t be ‘available to work’. If you have booked leave in advance of this period, but there is now a problem (airlines, countries being closed to travellers etc) please discuss with your HR / line management.

• Anything you think you might need from your workplace get it before 6pm today, unless you are told that you will be in under the essential staff arrangement – this includes any perishable foods, plants that you want to keep etc – you may be away for a while!

• There will be a list of key contacts on the Coronavirus page, for all HR, safety, Payroll etc queries that might arise.

• Keep referring back to this page – it will be updated regularly.

• There will be a decision made and communicated to all staff by 17 April as to what will happen thenceforward.

• Keep in touch with colleagues, use Teams and whatever other virtual channels are available – stay mindful of things like the University Counselling Service – social isolation could prove to be a bigger problem than we realise at the outset.

• There will come a point when we go back on to campus, that will also come as a shock. Until then, stay well and look after each other.

If there is anything you are unsure of email Angela Blackburn or Nick Allen, or if it is directly Health and Safety related Nick Creighton.

In solidarity (remotely),

Branch Committee.