We’re at the end of week 6 of working from home and we hope all of you are coping well with the extended lockdown we’re all currently under. Remember, if you have any problems or concerns or would just like to speak to someone, please do contact us. We’re happy to help and offer support.

We’ll also be sharing images of Parkinson Building and the multi-storey carpark lit up in NHS blue for International Workers Memorial Day on Tuesday on our social media channels.

As usual, here are some items which may be of interest from the past week:

  • Working from home – The working from home guidance has been updated and we would encourage you all to read through this. If you are having problems working from home, whether due to caring responsibilities, lack of reasonable adjustments or if you are facing other problems, please let your manager know and speak to us if you need further advice and guidance to ensure you can work at home safely.
  • Furlough (University of Leeds staff) – the university should have contacted all staff they wish to furlough. These staff will continue to receive 100% of their salary/pension contributions and there will be no change to T&Cs. If you have been furloughed and have any questions, please let us know.
  • Change in subs for furloughed members (non-University of Leeds staff) – we are aware that for some members, you will have been furloughed below 100% salary. If you pay your subs by salary, any changes to your payment amount will be made automatically. If you pay by direct debit, please contact unison@leeds.ac.uk and we will manually alter your subs payment as appropriate. If you have been furloughed and have any questions, please let us know.
  • Critical Activities Team Bonus – all staff in the CAT should have been contacted about their bonus. If you believe the extra payment may affect your current benefit claims, please contact Ruth Buller to request you are paid your bonus through vouchers from the Reward & Recognition portal.
  • Union Survey – you will have received a survey from us, UCU and Unite on Wednesday, asking for your feedback on how you are coping with working from home at the moment. Your feedback is vital in ensuring we are asking the right questions when we meet with the university.
  • Domestic Violence Policy – we’re incredibly pleased to see that the university have published the new Domestic Violence Policy with a link on the coronavirus website also. Unison have been integral in creating this policy and we want to thank our Women’s Officer, Katie Moore and Branch Chair, Nick Allen for pushing this forward over the past few years.
  • Salary Issues – there have been pockets of issues with salary payments across the university. Please contact us if you believe you have been paid incorrectly.
  • M-Card Tickets – we are aware that many staff are still paying for M-Card tickets even though they are unable to travel. The message from the university states that Metro have agreed to check each account and add on the number of months a ticket was unused at the end of the next ticket as free travel.  However, you can look to cancel your new M-Card ticket which is due to start on 1 June, but please be aware it can take around 1 month to re-set your ticket up to be paid via salary. If you have any issues or concerns, you can also contact staffbenefits@leeds.ac.uk

We hope these emails are helpful and informative, but if you have any feedback on the content etc, please do let us know.

In solidarity

Branch Committee