We hope you, your family and friends are well at the end of our seventh week of lockdown. Remember, tomorrow is May Bank Holiday, so we hope that you can enjoy a well-earned break over the long weekend. Here’s some updates from this week:

  • VC’s Email – all University of Leeds staff will have received an email from the VC late last week which referred to university finances. The trade unions have spoken to the university in the last few days and financial information will be shared with us. All three unions believe that being involved in financial planning at this time would be an effective way to ensure that members’ interests are protected during this difficult time. We will also be involved in discussions regarding the re-opening of campus and the health, safety and wellbeing of staff will be at the forefront of our discussions.
  • Union Survey – a reminder that all members had a union survey regarding working from home emailed to them last Wednesday. If you’ve not already done so, it would be helpful to us if you could complete the survey. The results will help in our continued discussions with the university about how staff are coping working from home.
  • There For You – Unison’s charity, There For You, is offering financial support for any member who is struggling due to Covid-19. Further information can be found here
  • Not a UoL staff member? – if you do not work at the University of Leeds and have any problems or issues at your place of work, please do contact us.
  • Annual Leave – a quick reminder that the usual leave policy still applies which allows staff to carry over 5 days of leave.

Please remember to follow our social media channels for further news from us: Web: http://www.leedsuni-unison.org.uk/, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeedsUniUnison/, Twitter @UoLUnison

If you need any advice or support, you can find a list of our Branch Officers and reps here or you can email unison@leeds.ac.uk

In solidarity

Branch Committee