Lisa Bowler, Membership Officer

Here’s the latest update from Lisa:

“Since lockdown, I’ve been successfully working from home as Membership Officer and a union rep, contacting members by email, telephone, Zoom and Teams. As a H&S officer, I’ve also been attending campus when needed and participated in the H&S ‘walk arounds’ to assist in the university preparing to get campus up and running again. As a rep walking around campus, members usually see you and stop you to chat. As I’ve been working from home for the past 6 months, one of the challenges I feel most of us have dealt with is that we didn’t want members to think we’re not there for them in the same way. So, communication has been key throughout this period, keeping in regular contact with members and letting members know what methods they can now use to contact us instead.

“At the start of lockdown I carried out a data cleansing exercise with our members’ data to ensure that we were able to contact as many of our members as possible. By updating members’ details and workplaces, we’ve been able to contact more members and also target specific audiences with specific information. I also had to change the way we contact new members as information was sent in the form of a letter through the internal/external post, this letter is now sent by email with links to places online to the relevant information that normally accompanied the letter.

“Going forward, I’ll be working with some other officers on some recruitment drives in specific areas of our branch. As I can successfully work from home, I will be based off campus for the foreseeable future, so I look forward to the occasional visit to campus to carry out more H&S ‘walk arounds’ and see some of our members that have returned to work already!”