Dear member,

Below is the offer the University has made to halt our industrial action next week. We held a members meeting at 12:30 today and those in attendance voted. We are now asking any members who could not attend that meeting to vote on the offer. The offer is below:

This is a 2-part offer:

  1. One-off payment via vouchers through the Reward Portal of £650 (not pro-rata’d) to all staff G6 and below
  1. Either i) a further payment of £350 via vouchers before Christmas to the same group of staff, although this may be a cash payment (University to check tax/NI implications) OR ii) a more differentiated review as Part 1 of the grading structure review to determine whether further one-off payments are required, G9 and below

*** there is a finite budget pot to cover either option for the second stage payment

The grading structure review referred to in this offer relates to discussions with all 3 TUs to commit to discussing changes to the pay grades at the University, an extra 1.5 days of leave (the 0.5 leave would cover the morning of Maundy Thursday), commitments to look at staff workloads, address pay gaps. These are NOT part of the offer to stop our strike action, they are discussions that will happen anyway.

As there is a tight turnaround for us to inform the University of members’ decision, we are asking that you vote to either ACCEPT or REJECT this offer by emailing us at by 4:30pm TODAY (Thursday 16 June). If you voted in the meeting, please do not cast a second vote.

We will be counting up all the votes after 4:30pm today and will send an answer to the University on whether members have voted to accept or reject the offer. We will then wait to hear from the University on whether they may wish to make a counter-offer: if they do, we will of course, let you all know asap.

In solidarity,

Lisa Bowler.

Memberships Officer

on behalf of the Branch Committee

Unison University of Leeds Branch