Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health problems can affect anyone. We have created this page to help provide a range of information and support to members whose lives are being affected by mental health issues, either as a result of the pandemic, or those members who have already been living with mental health issues which have then been exacerbated by the pandemic. You may also be trying to support someone with mental health issues, which, in turn, can take its toll on your own mental health. Whatever your situation or needs, we hope that some of these resources will prove useful.

Webinar: Protecting and promoting better mental health during the pandemic

Employee Guide: Working together to reduce stress at work

How to resist the ‘resilience’ narrative – and organise for less stressful work

Covid-19 – How unions can help support bereaved workers

Covid 19 – Homeworking and Mental Health

TUC: Return to safe workplaces

HSE – Stress – What are the Management Standards?

Tackling workplace stress using the HSE Stress Management Standards

Talking Toolkit: Preventing Work Related Stress

Young members and the lockdown office – “Let them work in the study”

University of Leeds Staff Wellbeing, Safety and Health

Remploy Staff Support and Wellbeing at Work

University of Leeds Occupational Health

University of Leeds Staff Counselling

TUC Mental Health in the Workplace

Crisis Card

Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

A Guide to Mental Health (Leeds City Council)

Supporting the MH of our staff – managers’ guide

Supporting the MH of our staff – employees’ guide

Staff Mental Health Network

Wellbeing Action Plan (MIND)

Mind Guide for Employees

Thriving at Work