Nick Allen, Branch Chair

Here is the latest update from Nick Allen our Branch Chair:

Working on campus 2019 / Working From Home 2020

Alarm, banana, bike into Leeds (50 minutes), shower, coffee and something to eat: 08.30 ready to work / alarm (later), walk from bedroom to bathroom (shower), downstairs to kitchen and breakfast – bring tea and toast up to study, next door to the bathroom – 10m from bed to PC. Switch on the PC

Check diary – several meetings: members, HR, management, regional colleagues – plot routes around campus (is it raining?) – check I have necessary paperwork / check diary – several meetings: same people – all done sitting at my PC, no breaks between meetings (doesn’t matter if it is raining, this time of year I barely notice if the sun shines) – do we need the heating on? -– back on Teams, there’s a knock at the door, run downstairs, back to Teams (“you’re on mute”) – sorry!

time between meetings – breaks / coffee – discuss issues / swap notes and opinions with colleagues / members – drop in on a rep in a school for a quick word (see how they’re doing – they might have had a difficult meeting or a tough case) / stupidly tired from staring at the computer hour after hour – go downstairs to make a coffee / have a break – was going to go for a walk, but another meeting appears in the calendar – can’t get that quick chat with X to sort out a potential problem – will have to book another Teams meeting – is the heating still on?

Drop in at my actual office (in Ziff) to do some paperwork – catch up with my own colleagues / everyone so busy, no time for socialising / chat – I have no idea what is happening in their lives

Cycle home – make tea etc. have a life / If I remember (if it is not too dark / raining) go for a walk because today I have only moved between 4 rooms of our house and once outside to the bin. Make tea. Try (often fail) to resist the temptation to read emails  

Repeat / repeat

Here’s what Nick was up to just before the Christmas break:

This week’s meetings have included: in Branch and Region to discuss responses to national pay “offer”; with the university to discuss the possibility of voluntary redundancies in Faculty of Biological Sciences (FBS) and School of Medicine (SoM) and how to mitigate these; updates / discussions around H&S, the return to campus, the testing centre on campus, the safety of members working across these areas; the signing off of some updates to policy agreements between the university and UNISON, which is the culmination of months of work following a grievance; consideration of other policy amendments / new policy suggestions; several ongoing cases working with members, including more grievances; some regular ‘update’ meetings; meetings called by HR / management in response to incidents or problems that arise…and of course the branch also has responsibility for members at Bright Beginnings, Leeds University Union, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds Arts University among others.