This update is applicable to University of Leeds members only. 

Following UNISON’s online consultation earlier this year on the 2021 employers’ 1.5% pay offer, our branch will be entering a strike ballot for the second time this year. This strike ballot will run from 6 December 2021 – 28 January 2022. It will be a postal ballot – if you think you voted online, you have not voted in this ballot.  To vote you must complete and return your postal ballot.

In the coming weeks we will be contacting you to remind you to:

  • check your details on-line; (at My UNISON or email us at and we can update your details for you)
  • check that you receive your ballot papers in the post;
  • vote and post your vote in the envelope provided;
  • tell us you have done this.

To put the 1.5% pay increase in context:

  • Inflation is currently running at 3.1%, more than double the offer.
  • Since the pandemic began, we have received an average annual increase of 0.75%.
  • The Government recently increased National Insurance contributions by 1.25% for most workers – this in itself almost entirely negates this rise.
  • Gas prices are out of control and every single household will be affected by these increases. 1.5% extra in your salary will not be enough to cover these new prices.
  • Your workloads have most likely increased over the past 18 months: between us we have kept the university running. To thank you for all this extra work, your employer has seen fit to offer you nothing last year and an insultingly small amount this year.

None of us can afford to keep accepting these miserly pay offers. We know the HE sector is making more money than ever. When will the people keeping the institutions running start to receive decent and fair pay? 

For the ballot to be accepted as legal under the Trade Union Act, we must reach over 50% turnout – we need at least half of you all to complete and post your ballot. 

Enough is enough: it is clear that the only message the employer will listen to is the threat of strike action.