*For strike action taken 29 September, 2 & 3 October 2023

Over the past year, we have used a net pay calculation for paying strike pay to members who have taken action.

However, the calculation needs to be different for October’s pay, when Sept/Oct’s strike deductions will be taken. This is because the last part of the 23/24 pay offer was imposed in August’s salary. That means that most of us will not have a “normal” pay slip for us to compare to October’s pay slip, as all salaries will have increased in August. Therefore, we have worked out a different way for calculating strike pay in October which is the same process we used in April, August & September:

April calculation

  • We will use the actual strike pay deduction on the left-hand side of your pay slip as the start point
  • We will deduct your tax and NI total (if applicable) from a previous pay slip (likely June) from the tax and NI total on October’s pay slip
  • The difference between tax/NI between the payslips will then be deducted from the actual strike pay deduction on the left side of your October payslip
  • From calculations, this will take us as close to a “usual” net pay strike payment as possible
  • If you require access to the Hardship Fund, please apply via the strike application form as usual

Example strike payment

Here is an example of what would be paid to a G5 member of staff:

Strike pay deduction (left side of payslip) = £341.75

Difference in tax/NI between pay slips = £112.28

Strike pay deduction minus difference in tax/NI = £229.47

Strike Payment = £229.47

This also shows that this member would be covered for over the £70 per day limit for National Strike Pay.

Next steps

We will require both October’s pay slip and a pay slip showing your usual salary– this is likely to be June’s pay slip if you took action in June and were deducted in July or we can accept an August or September pay slip if you had no deductions taken on one of these months.

Link to Strike Pay and Hardship Fund Form

In solidarity

Branch Committee