Here’s a summary of the latest branch news:

– Changes to Your Job Description?
– School Uniforms: Worried About the Cost?
– Grand Days Out: Whitby and Durham

Changes to Your Job Description?

Realignment? Unification? Changes to your job description?

Did you know that changes to your job description are considered in law as a ‘variation of contract’? This means that the change can usually only go ahead if you agree.

However, this is often not made clear. Your consent can be ‘implied’ simply by not objecting, so it’s important to seek guidance, especially if you are not happy with the proposed change. For example, if you are presented with a new job description during an SRDS, and you’re unsure / unhappy about it, don’t accept a physical copy; ask them to send it electronically marked as ‘draft’ or ‘consultation’ to give you time to check whether this JD is a true reflection of your duties, that you’re happy with any changes and that you can play a full part in this role.

Please note also that you have a legal ‘right to be accompanied’ by a UNISON rep in any conversation about changes to your job description.

So, if your manager mentions changes to your job description or presents you with a revised contract, please get in touch with us at or call 0113 343 5900.

School Uniforms: Worried About the Cost?

Get help with school uniform costs this summer from UNISON’s own welfare arm There for You.

As we move into summer, the new school year starts to loom. With it come worries over the cost of new school uniforms – but did you know that UNISON can help?

If you’re a UNISON member and need help with the costs of new school uniforms, you can apply for a grant from our welfare arm There for You between now and 21st July.

The grant is a one-off payment of £40 per school age child, up to a total of £120. To qualify, you must either be receiving housing benefit or have a net household income of less than £18,000 a year. Here is a link to more information and an application form: School uniform form

Grand Days Out: Whitby and Durham

Members had a grand day out on this year’s trips to Whitby and Durham Miners’ Gala

Last weekend, three coachloads of our branch members had a cracking day out in the sunshine at Whitby. Some of you have already told us what a great time you had, but we’d love to hear from more of you. Did you enjoy the trip? Would you go again? Should we stick with Whitby or try another seaside destination next time? And do you have any photos you could share with us? Please send your photos and comments to

The Durham Trip was also a great success. Our branch members joined more than 200,000 people at the 133rd Durham Miners’ Gala. Hundreds of banner groups, bands, trade unions and community groups and the Gala’s friends at Durham Cathedral came together for the event. More than 50,000 people gathered to hear some excellent speakers including Jeremy Corbyn, drawing crowds not seen since the Gala’s heyday in the 1950s.

Next year’s Gala will take place on Saturday, 14th July.