We’d like your feedback on the university’s ‘Guidance for Supporting Menopause in the Workplace’ with a view to the branch putting forward some suggestions for improvement. Rather than just send out a survey we’d like to encourage a different (hopefully more engaging!) approach. As an incentive, all participants will receive automatic entry into a prize draw to win £20 of shopping vouchers.

Background: Our branch committee recently participated in a branch-based activity to assess the accessibility and effectiveness of the university’s published guidance on protecting staff and students in relation to domestic abuse. The approach asked participants to imagine themselves ’in the shoes’ of someone needing to access this guidance (empathising with the person in need). They were asked to locate the University’s guidance and consider what that they would find helpful in their situation. Feedback was requested on how accessible the information was in terms of its location, structure, language and how helpful the support on offer would be to them, with a view to making suggestions for improvement. This resulted in some incredibly powerful, yet simple and practical suggestions for improvement that we have now forwarded to the EPU for consideration.

We acknowledge that the most qualified people to feed back on the university’s menopause guidance are those who are experiencing or have experienced the menopause themselves, which means that this exercise will be preliminary to a focus group specifically for members who fit the criteria (scheduled in February). However, we’d like to invite everyone to participate in this preliminary review.

To participate, you will need to do the following:

  • Imagine yourself as someone experiencing the menopause in the workplace –  Perhaps draw on your own experiences/experiences of people you know. Think about what you might experience (physically and emotionally), what kind of reassurances/support might you need? If this is difficult, perhaps approach it from a support angle – what information might you need to help you provide support (managerial or general) to a menopausal colleague?
  • With the above in mind, locate the university’s guidance document ‘Guidance for Supporting Menopause in the Workplace’  – Use search engines, or whatever method you think is appropriate. A link to the document will be provided further down this message in case you are unable to find it!* Consider, how/what you search and what you find. How do you think this could be improved?
  • Read through the document and consider whether your questions around support have been answered – How easy was it to find the information you needed? What’s missing? How could it be improved?
  • Finally, provide your feedback via the MS Form – this is where you may also identify yourself as a potential participant for the focus group

The deadline for providing feedback will be 12 Noon, Friday 22nd January, with the prize draw winner announced the following week.

*In case you are unable to find the webpage/guidance document:
Wellbeing, Safety and Health – Menopause (webpage)
To access the guidance document, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Downloads’ link.

Katie Moore
Workplace Representative based in Continuous Improvement | Women’s Officer
University of Leeds Branch